Solar Panels take the energy from the sun and convert it to energy that we can use around the house. It allows the homeowner to not only receive free electricity, but you can also qualify for the Feed In Tariff Scheme and get paid for what you generate.

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Why Solar Panels?

As electricity suppliers constantly change their energy prices, there couldn’t be a better time to consider installing solar panels for your home. This will not only help you save on energy bills but also enhance your commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to earn income from the surplus energy you contribute back to the grid, thanks to the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). It’s a smart step towards energy efficiency and financial savings for your home.

Lowest Costs

The cost of Solar Panels have come down by approximately 30%, this has significantly reduced the upfront cost of solar for people across the UK

Cut your Bills

Cut down your electric bills; the savings can be hundreds of pounds per year

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint –Solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly options out there

Future Proof

You can future proof your home with a renewable energy system, helping protect you against future energy price rises

Earn Money

Make money from your unused energy by selling it back to the grid for a profit. Homeowners all over the UK are making money by trading their unused energy.

Create & Store

Create your own clean, green energy with solar panels and then save even more on your energy bills by storing the energy for when you need it most

No Matter The Weather

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels will create energy from the sun no matter the weather.  It doesn’t have to be clear blue skies for your panels to generate.

Increase Property Value

Solar panels are a popular addition to any home here in the UK and can add value to your property, adding an amazing selling point with cheap ongoing energy

Low Cost Evening Charging

With battery storage you can charge you battery on the lowest possible tariffs ready to use this energy when it more expensive and you need it most during the day.

Solar Panels Export Tariff

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) pays homeowners and businesses for renewable electricity they generate but don’t use. It came into force in January 2020 and replaces the previous Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme.

The Smart Export Guarantee is a clean energy initiative set up by the government that rewards households and businesses in Great Britain for generating their own renewable electricity. The scheme allows customers who generate excess energy to send it to the national grid in exchange for a small payment. This scheme is an updated version of the Feed-in Tariff scheme which was cancelled a while back.

Rather than the government simply subsidising households and businesses for generating electricity, the SEG makes it so that energy suppliers e.g. British Gas, can buy surplus energy from the customer instead. Suppliers stipulate a price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the electricity that the customer generates and exports. Suppliers all offer a different rate for SEG in the same way they all offer a different rate for buying in electricity therefore, you can shop around to get the best rate. You don’t have to get your SEG tariff from the same supplier as your main electricity account.

You must also have an export meter to be able to send the electricity back to the grid. It’s important to note that you do not qualify to receive the Smart Export Guarantee if you already benefit from a Feed-in Tariff.


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Solar Panel FAQ

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